Happy Kids & Parents Tour

Lake Street Happy Kids & Parents Tour


Balancing family life is no easy task. Whether you’re looking for fun outings, educational activities, or some “parents-only” time, Lake Street has destinations for the whole family.

Download a PDF version of the map here. 



1. Wheel Fun Rentals  |  3000 E Calhoun Pkwy
Let the kids kayak around the lakes while you sip a beer. Let’s hope those swim lessons paid off!

2. Little Luxuries Nail Lounge  |  1426 W Lake St
Spend the day blinging out those nails with trendy designs at this luxurious Uptown salon.

3. Calhoun Square  |  3001 Hennepin Ave S
Don’t worry, letting the kids ride the escalator while you shop is considered a form of babysitting.

4. Highpoint Center for Printmaking  |  912 W Lake St
Workshops and Free Ink Days fit busy schedules and provide high-quality art experiences.

5. Bryant Lake Bowl  |  810 W Lake St
For an impromptu math lesson take the kids to this restaurant and manual scoring bowling alley!

6. Venus Unveiled  |  711 W Lake St
From sexy stilettos to sinful fishnets, there’s lots of love going around. Maybe just leave the kids at home.

7. Up-Down Arcade Bar  |  3012 Lyndale Ave S
Remember what your youth used to be like! Play classic arcade games, pinball, and skee-ball at this 21+ bar. 

8. Urban Ventures  |  2924 4th Ave S
From soccer to urban farming and music classes, enjoy hundreds of youth programs year round.

9. Taqueria La Hacienda  |  334 E Lake St
Kids can’t sleep? Take them for a quick late-night snack at this 24 hours eatery.

10. El Amor Fashion  |  511 E Lake St
Find a dress with ruffles galore for a special somebody’s upcoming quinceañera.

11. Midtown Global Market  |  920 E Lake St
Get friendly with a camel burger and beer while the kids explore this internationally-themed marketplace.

12. Circle of Discipline  |  1201 E Lake St
Enjoy activities for youth and young adults that address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.

13. La Alborada Market  |  1855 E Lake St
La Alborada’s outdoor snack stand serves sweet and savory treats the kids will love.

14. YWCA Midtown  |  2121 E Lake St
It’s obvious why how YWCA keeps both parents and kids happy - the indoor pool with twisty slide.

15. Peace Coffee Shop  |  3262 Minnehaha Ave
Only got 2 hours of sleep? Get a strong cup of joe before being dragged to the park yet again.

16. Lawless Distillery  |  2619 28th Ave S
This one is adults only! Leave the kids home and treat yourself to some creative cocktails.

17. Peppers & Fries  |  3900 E Lake St
You *could* take the kids to a Twins game, but why not just eat burritos and burgers and watch on TV instead?

18. Corazon  |  4646 E Lake St
There’s a little something for everyone in the family at this hip and eclectic Longfellow retail shop.