Getting Around

Getting Around


Get where you're going with little fuss. Lake Street is the midline of Minneapolis, linking east to west, with plenty of parking, timely busses, and a scenic urban bike trail. It couldn't be easier. 



Map Lengend: 

  • Lake Street (orange line)
  • Parking Lots (yellow stars)
  • NiceRide stations (pink circles)
  • The Midtown Greenway (blue line) bike path and it's entrance points (green triangles)
  • Bus Transit Centers (brown squares)

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Nearly all of Lake Street is four spacious lanes of east-west, two-way traffic, with clearly labeled north-south avenue intersections. There is ample parking on or near Lake Street's businesses and amenities.



Route 21 is a reliable friend to Minneapolis riders. Frequent and timely service up and down Lake Street gets you where you want to go. Express Route 53 runs the length of Lake Street and links the downtowns of Saint Paul and Minneapolis seamlessly.  Use Metro Transit’s Plan My Trip for your next stop. 



Minneapolis ranks at the top for walking and biking, largely due to the Midtown Greenway, a dedicated bike and pedestrian path on a repurposed railway. It runs parallel to, and just 1-2 blocks north of Lake Street. Clearly labeled connections make it an artery for bikers and runners streaming to the historic Mississippi River in the east, and Uptown's chain of lakes in the west. Freewheel Bike Center & Cafe is conveniently located on the Greenway near Chicago Avenue, for refreshment and equipment, as well as a location for NiceRide bike-sharing service.



Metro Transit's Hiawatha Light Rail train transects the bustling Lake Street corridor. The train is a convenient connection to Lake Street, downtown Minneapolis, the airport, Mall of America, and back again.