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Circulo de Amigos Child Care Center

Circulo de Amigos Child Care Center

Círculo de Amigos Child Care Center offers high-quality, state-of-the-art child care in a home-like atmosphere where children experience rich and meaningful learning experiences through nature. Their Spanish immersion program helps children be successful in our multicultural world. Minorities and low-income families especially benefit from this program, as it provides first-class services at an affordable cost which are much needed in South Minneapolis.

Círculo de Amigos was founded by Maria Perez Gali, a social science teacher born and raised in Tampico, Mexico, who yearned for a learning curriculum rooted in respect, harmony, love, and understanding in our increasingly multicultural society.

“At Círculo de Amigos, we take an old-fashioned, value-based, and ethical approach to teach our children,” said Maria. “Children learn to not only be responsible with themselves but also for others, including the environment. We place emphasis on developing social consciousness and to helping children discover who they are as individuals, what abilities they possess, and what part they can play in this multifaceted world by drawing upon their individual traits and strengths.”

And for Maria, Lake Street provides the perfect backdrop for the nature-based and compassion-filled learning environment.

“We have the great privilege to be in a location on Lake Street that faces the Greenway and enhances the philosophy of our center,” explained Maria. “The Greenway corridor gave us more amplitude for our outdoor classroom since we are side-by-side. Through this, we promote physical activity and take children on walks that lead us to culturally-rich places such as the Midtown Global Market—a place in which our students experience real-world cultural experiences that are tied to our community.”

2830 Cedar Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55407

(612) 722-4737