Make On Lake



The Lake Street Council with the support of the McKnight FoundationTwin Cities LISC, City of Minneapolis Great Streets, and GoodSpace Murals is undertaking a creative placemaking initiative to develop relationships between local artists and Lake Street businesses and produce a coordinated public artwork series.

We have selected 15 public art projects to be a part of this initiative. The projects will include permanent and temporary visual, performance, sculptural art installations intended to draw residents and visitors to Lake Street in new and exciting ways. Projects will take place between April 2018 and August 2018. Read more about the projects and the artist's bios below. 

Our project goals are: 

  • Create a stronger sense of place along Lake Street by drawing attention to the community’s significant cultural assets, including arts and cultural organizations, public art, gathering places, and the diverse set of businesses.
  • Attract additional visitors and residents to Lake Street.
  • Support the success of small businesses, particularly those negatively impacted by changes in the current political environment and immigration policies.
  • Develop and implement creative ideas for increasing community safety and the perception of safety.

Are you a business that would like to participate? Contact Allison Sharkey at 612.824.7420 or for more information! 




The Lake of Dreams
The Poetics of Forgiveness Project

Since recorded time, communities have taken their hopes and dreams and set them forth into the world on boats of their own making. The Lake of Dreams project will create a series of culturally themed boats and display them at various businesses and locations along Lake Street.



Ramses Alarcon Sanchez & Ryan Stopera

JUNTOS is a large-scale mixed-media photography series that shares portraits and stories of East Lake Street Latinx community members. The project hopes to initiate dialogue, to build connection and to dismantle false narratives.



Find Me, Hide Me: Lake Street 
Jessica Bergman Tank

The Find Me Hide Me: Lake Street project will create and hide 50 bronze tokens along the Lake Street Corridor. Community members can discover the tokens, digitally map and track them, and learn about the businesses and history of the area. A public, interactive, bronze pour will kickoff the project. 



Street Printing!
Tantrum (Michelle Spaise, Katrina Knutson, Sayge Carrol, Nicole Amaris, and Megan Longo)

The Street Printing! project will take to the streets and sidewalks, using the urban landscape and its existing emblems, plaques, manhole covers, and other markings to create screenprints on t-shirts and posters. Two public events will take place in May and June.



Wheatpaste Mural
Connor Rice

Made up of several layers, Connor’s wheatpaste mural will be a mosaic image of historical businesses, modern scenes, and local figures. The piece highlights the energetic and constantly changing nature of Lake Street, celebrates the street’s diversity, and emphasizes the strength in our shared humanity.  



Reggie LeFlore

Reggie’s vibrant, large-scale mural will feature Lake Street’s residents and celebrate the diverse nature of our surrounding community. With the ability to be viewed from both afar and up close, the mural aims to be a statement about the amazing things that can be achieved through collaboration. 



Ed Charbonneau, Mohamud Mumin, Kaamil Haider, and Jeremy Szopinski

A collaboration between four artists, this project will create 6-10 lightboxes that will illuminate Lake Street’s streetscape. The content of the lightboxes will display the individual artist’s approach to art while also merging their unique combined interests. 




Panaderia San Miguel Mural
Skywood Projects (Ilana Budenosky & Lachlan Hinwood)

Working with a community of Mexican sweet bread lovers, Skywood Projects will create a mural on Panadería San Miguel’s east-facing wall. They will design the mural based on conversations with staff, patrons, and the adjacent community, and will use tile, paint, and lighting elements. 



South High School Print Project
Corbin Doty & South High Students

Lake Street has a wealth of textures; gritty edges, lived upon sidewalks, flaking layers of paint. The photos in this series, taken and edited by South High School students and arranged by Corbin, tell a story that can be physically touched. See them at TBD Lake Street locations.



Satellite  |  Zahra Muse

Representing the spread of Minneapolis’ African and Black diaspora, Satellite, a traveling art gallery, will visit three different Lake Street businesses for one week each. Each gallery pop-up will also include a live performance by the Somali Museum Dance Troupe.  


Lake Street Speaks
Vie Boheme

Lake Street Speaks is a three-installment series. The project provides a space to take risks by bringing prepared work and challenges you to create new work in the moment. With inspiration from featured guest performers and DJs, attendees are encouraged to create in the moment and share what they have created.



Sloppy Films Animation Station
Green Jeans Media (John Akre and Beth Peloff) 

With the help of the public and using their portable stop-motion animation studio, Green Jeans Media is making a stop motion animation about what keeps us afloat on Lake Street. Harnessing the power of participants, their short video will highlight the voices and images of the people that use Lake Street. 



Lake Signs, a Mobile Sign Station
Peter Haakon Thompson

Lake Signs is an exploration, illumination, and celebration of the hand-painted signs found on Lake Street. The project will create a directory of sign painters and their signs and will culminate in a sign-making workshop. Participants will be encouraged to create signs that reflect the style of these sign-painting artists. 



Hiawatha + Lake Creations
GoodSpace Murals (Greta McLain, Candida Gonzalez, & Paul Tinnetti)

GoodSpace Murals will be taking a departure from murals for this new project on Hiawatha and Lake! Watch this summer for their new creations at the intersection in collaboration with local metal artist Paul Tinnetti.



Mercado Central
Pablo Kalaka

Working with the diversity of cultural heritages found in the Mercado Central, Pablo Kalaka's multi-sectioned mural will incorporate various Latin America motifs around food, flavors, land use and intercultural exchange.