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Katar River Restaurant and Bakery

Katar River Restaurant and Bakery

Katar River Restaurant & Bakery is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant that provides a culinary immersion through vegetarian dishes, spices and lamb, and fresh injera bread. Katar Restaurant was the 2016 African Development Center Business of the Year Award recipient.

Katar River Restaurant & Bakery officially opened its doors on Minnehaha Avenue in September 2008. But Sara Wordofa, restaurant owner and operator, has been cooking meals for family and loved ones for decades. Born in Arsi, Ethiopia, Sara learned how to cook from her mother at a young age. And since then, she has used her cooking skills for good. Starting at the age of 19 in a Kenyan refugee camp, Sara cooked nourishing meals for people in the camp to keep them healthy. Now nearly 20 years later, she continues providing delicious, authentic Ethiopian meals to the Twin Cities community.

And the demand is growing—allowing Sara to expand to an additional production location and develop an automatic machine for making injera. Sara’s favorite part about having her business on Lake Street? “Lake street is the center of everything with a diverse population,” she said. “You can come by car, bus, bike or train. Everything is here.”

2751 Minnehaha Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55406

(612) 245-0556